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BeautyFIX: Handpicked Beauty Delivered Straight To Your Door

When the BeautyFIX box returned in early 2015, we couldn’t have comprehended the response we got from our fans. From blog reviews to Instagram images and YouTube unboxings, we’ve been able to get a firsthand look at how the BeautyFIX box has been accepted back. Throughout 2015 we saw some incredible boxes packed with full-sized, deluxe- and travel-sized products with something for everyone from hair care, to beauty and cosmetics, and of course serious skin care. Now in 2016, we want to hear from our fans and subscribers of the BeautyFIX box even more! We want you to share with us your unboxing images, your reviews, your favorite finds and even how we can improve on future boxes. With that in mind, we wanted to showcase a little of our Instagram fan content thus far from 2016 and some of our favorites from 2015. This is what we love to see and what we want to see more of from you! #BeautyFIX and #Dermstore

I am completely obsessed with my #BeautyFIX box from Dermstore. I have been shopping at Dermstore for years & love the variety of products they have! I waited a little bit to share this box with you guys because I wanted to try every product! They are great sizes; not just travel sizes. My favorites are the shampoo & conditioner to help with hair growth as well as the redness relief cream & the Smart Eye Wrinkle Lift. If you guys are looking for an amazing subscription box, #BeautyFIX is the way to go! You won’t regret it.

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“So there are quite a few beauty boxes on the market and I find them to be a really fun way to discover new beauty products that you may have not come across or tried on your own. What makes the BeautyFIX Box stand out from the others? I love the high end products they include as well as the full-size or deluxe travel size products so you’re not just getting a bunch of tiny samples. I really feel like the retail value is worth more than other boxes I’ve tried in the past. The box is filled with luxury hair and skincare products so if you’re into that, I recommend checking them out.”

Packing for another adventure and bringing my travel survival kit! I want to get all of my girlfriends these goodies, especially the @patchology flash masque from @dermstore to help with dull post-airport skin.”

Having a little beauty morning playing with all the goodies in my Dermstore BeautyFIX box. This might be the most stuff I’ve ever gotten in one of these subscription boxes ever!”

“DermStore sell tons of amazing beauty products that I love on their online shop, by brands I’ve either always wanted to try or have tried & LOVE! So needless to say, I was super excited to jump on board the BeautyFIX box. This box includes no less than 6 items (can be more!), full size, travel, deluxe sample, & regular sample sizes; you get $100 + worth of product for only $24.95 a month, all curated by their team with products from brands that they sell on their site.”

So…I can get a monthly professional beauty box? Sold. I’m such a beauty product junkie and this Dermstore box definitely gives me my beauty fix.”



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