Резултат с изображение за Yara Shahidi mohawk

Celebrity Style Alert: 7 Steps to Yara Shahidi’s Natural Mohawk


If you’re a fan of Blackish or Grownish or Yara Shahidi in general then you know the young starlette is always switching up her natural hair to imitation worthy styles that we can’t get enough of. We absolutely adored this cute ponytail mohawk and had to let you all know how to #getherlook

Резултат с изображение за Yara Shahidi mohawk

Here’s how to rock Yara Shahidi’s natural mohawk.

  1. Start with wet or damp detangled hair apply your favorite tgin leave in conditioner to ensure hair is well moisturized.
  2. Section hair into three ponytails one at the top center, one in the middle and a back ponytail.
  3. Apply our Smooth & Hold Edge Control  to lay down your hair.
  4. Create a messy bun with the first ponytail
  5. Create another messy bun with the second ponytail.
  6. Make a ponytail out of last section of hair and place a rubber band half way and a quarter down to create the center puff.
  7. Slay those edges and lay your baby hair.


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